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Classic With a Kick

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The Soundtrack of Talk N3rdy To M3!

You asked, we answered. Here’s the full run of the show program, with each routine’s song listed next to it. If we turned you on to a new track please let us know!




The Skeevy Brothers Strike Back - Allix Mortis & Dewie Decimator

song: “Sexy & I Know It” LMFAO

Doctor Whoa - Ricky Lime featuring: Danny Drake, Lotta Sass, Cheeky DeVine

songs: “Dr. Who” Parry Gripp w/ “I Need a Doctor” Dr Dre, Eminem, Skylar Grey


Dungeons & Daydreams - Lilly Bordeaux & Dan Prior

songs: Theme from Zelda & “Harlem Nocturne” Duke Ellington

Never Settle for Less - Brandy Wine featuring Ricky Lime

song: “Minnie The Moocha” (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy version)

Closer to Mario - Dewie Decimator featuring Ms. Sassypants

song: “Closer” Nine Inch Nails (Super Mario Bros. Remix)

Vignette - A Touch of Love - Allix Mortis

song: “The Stripper” David Rose & His Orchestra

If They Could See Me Now - Dixie Douya

song: “Freeze Frame” J Geils Band

Masturbating Annie - Busty Keaton

song: “Whip The Blankets” Neko Case

Help Is On The Way - Allix Mortis, Ricky Lime, Jack Silver, with Danny Drake, Brandy Wine, Dale Stones, and members of Rogue Burlesque

song: “Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together” Chiodos w/clips from Left 4 Dead



Everyone Hates Aquaman - Dale Stones, Ricky Lime, Jack Silver featuring Lilly Bordeaux

song: "Super Hero" Stereo Fuse

A Sexy Night Mission - Allix Mortis featuring Brandy Wine & Lotta Sass

song: “Police Truck” Dead Kennedys

Making a Spectacle - Busty Keaton featuring Cheeky DeVine

song: “Don’t Stop Me Now” Queen

Buffy - Ms. Sassypants Featuring Dale Stones (w/Allix Mortis, Jack Silver & Polly Surely)

songs:Buffy Theme” & “Something To Sing About” (Both from the television series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Vignette - Felis Catus cum Arcus Pluvia et Crustulum - Femme Bones & Cheeky DeVine as the Nyan Cat

song: Nyan Cat theme

Sidescroller Surprise - Lilly Bordeaux

song: Mario Bros. Remix c/o

Vignette - O Captain! My Captain! - Danny Drake & Ricky Lime

custom video edit

Kermitment - Dixie Douya

songs: “Oink Oink Mambo” Chuy Reyes & “All Mine” Portishead

Nevermore - Ms. Sassypants

song: “Mr. Raven” MC Lars

Alapalooza! - Dewie Decimator featuring: Busty Keaton, Dixie Douya, Polly Surely & Lotta Sass

songs: “White & Nerdy” & “Polkas on 45” Weird Al Yankovicimage

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It’s all about Kermitment! Come see Miss Piggy burlesque at Talk Nerdy to Me tonight! #muppets #bostongeeks #bostonburlesque #nerdlesque

It’s all about Kermitment! Come see Miss Piggy burlesque at Talk Nerdy to Me tonight! #muppets #bostongeeks #bostonburlesque #nerdlesque